Who will go out of Big Brother this week? Think you know? Why not put money on it?
To play, all you have to do is pay €2.00 using your credit card/bank account/PayPal account and fill out the fields below stating who you think will go out.
 Then, everyone who guesses correct is put into a draw, and 2 lucky people each win €10!

If only one person has guessed correct, then that person gets €20! It's simple!

Who will be eliminated this week? (€2 per play)
Please click 'Buy Now' so you can play the above game. Your e-mail address will be matched with the one you enter above so we know you've paid and entered.

Please note: Play closes at 6pm on Sunday nights and re-opens at 12am on Monday mornings. If you select someone who has already been eliminated, your vote will not be counted. If you play outside game time, your vote may not be counted.